Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Thursday, May 29, 2014


Tell that to the guys that are hitting this pussy up…..well, they may say the same thing, lol, and I don’t mind it!
I agree. I enjoy my sex life and I love to have black cocks as much and as many as I can. I'm a real girl with real desires and needs.

Monday, May 26, 2014

A few of my cum shots. As you know I love BBC and prefer facials to everything except burying it deep inside and pumping me full up.

But for me this is nice too.

You just cannot get enough of a good thing.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

I enjoy my sex life. I enjoy being a slut. I enjoy BBC.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

I can't lie, I have a real preference for black men.

Mardi Gras 2014
What a night of fun and sex. I'll post more latter.

 Great sex

 Lots to drink

 And 22 pounds of beads

 In the parking garage where I was gang banged. 15 or more BBC's and I enjoyed each other.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

For my convenience

I left work late last night. Before I left I took off my bra, as it was cutting into my shoulders, and I don’t like to wear them anyway.  I almost never wear them outside of work anyway and never wear panties as I like the cool feel of air on my always wet pussy. It gives me a feeling of sexiness and reminds me that I want to get laid NOW.
I went down to the garage and got into my car to drive home. I had worked out at my gym that morning and was still feeling dehydrated, so decided to stop at a Kum and Go (yes the convenience stores real name) and get a bottle of water.  To get to my home, I have to drive through the poorer area of town, which I know well, as I meet a lot of my new black friends there. I stopped and went inside the store. Several men were in there including a white clerk, and all their heads turned toward me.  I was wearing my dark blue suit a unbuttoned a matching skirt that came above my knees, a lighter blue blouse that I had unbuttoned to my breast. As I walked into the store I could feel my 36 D breast bouncing, and I knew that they were exposed to all the guys there.  My pussy was instantly flowing and I felt the extra cool draft as my pussy got moister, knowing that the men wanted to fuck me. I got my water and was walking toward the counter, when one of the black men there, made a comment on the extra cold weather. I laughed and said it was super cold out. He said is name was Doug and asked if I could give him and his friend, a ride to his place as it was so cold. He introduced me to Nic another black man that was there with him.
I said yes I could; give them a ride to their apartments. I said something like your not going to rape me are you, He laughed and said not unless you want us too. I looked at him and said I think I do. At this point the clerk came back and asked if everything was okay and I assured him it was. When he left I padded Doug’s crouch and ask him where we were in our discussions. I took his hand and slipped it into my shirt and he felt up my tits right there. We went to the counter and I paid for my   As Nic fucked my pussy the third guy used his massive tool on my mouth. Nic shot his load into his condom and the third guy stood me up against the car and drove his cock deep inside me I thought I was going to die or split in half. He fucked me so hard and deep that I lost track of it and soon heard him cumming. Doug followed him driving into me pounding my pussy. Soon he stopped and entered my ass soon after cumming. The big guy then drove his huge cock which he told me latter was over 12inches long into my ass. For the first time ever a guy couldn’t get his whole cock in my ass. He still dropped a second load about the same time as Nic did one on my face and tits. I didn’t even realize I was sucking him with the other two fucking me. Now covered in cum I drove them to the Oakridge area getting numbers, and a warning from Doug to hang up if his wife answers.
water and the three of us walked toward the door, another big black man there said hey got room for another? I asked Doug where we were going and the guy said he lived close by. So we went to my car, the area they wanted to go to is called Oakridge and classifies as a ghetto. We got into the car Doug up from and the other two in back. I bent over and kissed Doug and reached into his pants pulling out a hard nine inch cock. I started sucking him and within two minutes he shot a load of salty black cum down my throat. He jumped out and Nic got up front. The clerk was watching as was several other people in the front of the store. I took Nick’s hand and helped him unbuttoned the rest of my blouse and pulled his cock out. It looked to be about 7 inches I started to drive away and felt hands all over my tits as all three guys played with them, Nic reached up my skirt and played with my pussy. I was having problems driving and took a quick turn off at a car wash and pulled inside. The next thing I knew Nic was on top of me his cock sliding into my pussy. The third guy got out and moved up opening the driver’s door and stuck the largest black cock I had ever seen in my face.
Sticky with cum I went back to the Kum and go and bought another water. All I got from the clerk was dirty looks and under breath comment about being a slut. A smiled and left.
Sorry didn't get any pictures from this meet up.